Romas Astrauskas - Mirror to Wind and Moon

Romas Astrauskas, Mirror to Wind and Moon


Romas Astrauskas coaxes compositions through the arrangement or rearrangements of the fragments of tangible objects that despite being severed from their original form still resonate with meaning.

His pale, ice-toned assemblages appear as simple architectural forms exploring light, shadow and volume, but the assembly of the fragments compels a work of art to take form from what appears to be nothing. It is in the silence of his pieces that you can’t help but wonder about the value of ephemeral around us and he challenges the viewer to consider if a fragment can "develop its own purpose after it has been separated from the whole?"

Romas Astrauskas, an MFA graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York, is a Toronto-based artist and writer. His paintings, sculptures and collages have been exhibited widely throughout the city, including shows at Greener Pastures, Clark & Faria, Clint Roenisch, LE Gallery and No Foundation (Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art). Most recently, he has contributed work to the exhibition One, and Two, and More Than Two, curated by Micah Lexier at Toronto’s Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.