Collection Mini Moi



Once a year, we make it easy to take the art you love home with you or to give art as a gift. Collection Mini-Moi is a special “Cash and Carry” exhibition presenting a survey of over 40 young artists from Montreal, NYC and Toronto. All artworks are under one square foot in size, all works are priced at $200 and available to take home on demand. We will have 1-3 original or edition prints by each artist.

Collection Mini-Moi exhibition dates:

Saturday November 23rd - December 22nd,  2013 Special window display from early December by Opening Reception: Saturday November 23rd: 2-5pm 40 + artists from Toronto, Montreal, Quebec city, NYC


Johan Jansson, Martin Schop, Trio Magnus, Taïla Kham Po, Dominic Poirier, Michelle Bui, Juno Youn, Lee Richmond, Martin Ouellette, Angela Carter, Tasha Aulls, Richelle Forsey, Ron Loranger, Michael Toke, Megan Ellen Macdonald, Christine Kim, Blair Prentice, Norman Yeung, Hyla Levy, Patrick Decoste, Jonathan Castellino, Beverley Rosenberg, Casey Joseph Mcglynn, Alex Bierk, Jay Shuster, Brian Rideout, B.Mad, Celine Huyghebaert, Julian Calleros, Phil Taylor, Jay Dart, Romas Astrauskas, G N' S Projects, Pierre Benjamin Thénot, Grace Kim, Maryanna Hardy, Yvonne Bambrick, John Drew Munro, Katherine Melançon, Bernice Lum, Caroline Mosby, Jamie Bradbury, Gabrielle De Montmollin, Katherine Melançon, Gabrielle De Montmollin ...


Music by J C V D