Michelle Bui - Dark Matter

Dark Matter Dark Matter presents the new works of Montreal-based artist Michelle Bui. Through drawings, sculptures, objects, videos, and sounds, Bui proposes a particular vision of dark matter. Pursuing her search for simplified, idealized shapes, the artist offers an installation in order to construct a convincing integral reality based on a mix of observations of reality and of the imaginary. The works hint at the presence of this invisible intangible matter: dark matter.


Michelle Bui is an artist living and working in Montreal. Working between drawing and installation, Bui’s practice is rooted in close observations of her immediate environment, from which she extracts essential details through a process of identification, simplification and organization. By playing off one’s intuition and imagination, the reductive geometric forms that emerge from this process can be seen as an attempt to establish a connection with the viewer much in the same way as a Rorschach test defers the creation of meaning to an individual’s unique impression of a given image. While autonomous in character, each work resonates with a sense of its place within the broader context of the exhibition as a whole, articulated through modulations in form, color and surface.  The result is a unique formal language through which Bui is able to push her exploration of variations in theme and technique.

Since graduating from Concordia University in fine arts in 2010, Michelle Bui has taken part in several exhibits in collaboration with Galerie Youn.



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