Manuel Bujold - Boom Boom Puffy Cloud

Icons, international visual language and a world of instantaneous emotions. In this series of works referencing the strength of the iconographic language, background landscapes are peaceful, foggy and more dream-like than anchored in reality.

They are attractive non-locations used as pretext to present symbols and provide a modern look at our daily use of this language.They offer a realistic portrait of our addiction to social networks and our need to be loved – internationally and instantaneously.

The foggy maritime landscapes of the “Boom Boom Puffy Cloud” series insidiously merge the perspectives of classical painting with the iconographic experience of smart phones.They stem from an intuitive work on shifting meanings, lived both on a digital glass flat surface and through the gestures performed on an organic canvas.This new series aims to question our understanding of materiality faced with digital memory. It questions the gestures of an artist confronted daily with the ability to transform digital matter into concrete experience.