Osheen Harruthoonyan - Somnium

Osheen Harruthoonyan is an experimental photographer working exclusively in a traditional wet darkroom, printing on fibre-based gelatin silver paper. Drawing upon his rich experiences growing up in such diverse countries as Iran, Greece and Canada, he uses a multi-faceted approach in his artistic practice, investigating memory, history, identity and the deconstructive process of time. Osheen’s work has been featured on Bravo! Arts Channel, Space Channel’s InnerSPACE, and numerous national and international publications. His exhibitions are consistently noted as top shows not to miss. Somnium

Our dreams are second lives, separating us from the invisible world where in another form, in a subterranean realm. Figures emerge from a tableau in which a monochrome dance between light and shadow slowly unfolds.

Gradually illuminated in this new reality, we become comets and move like dancers scattered across a thousand small planets.

We can ingratiate ourselves with starlings or the fabric of our thoughts in the midst of morphogenesis, navigating those uncertain, fledgling flashes encountered at the threshold of a dream.

Creating our masterpieces while we are dreaming, eating sugar and sugar to see the skies and brush off birds from the morning fields.

Like magicians, we create stories without beginnings or endings where opposites cease to exist as contradictions.

The figures now tremble, divide, expand and begin to blink in a slant of light.

The boy at the ceremony, once that chaotic ember in the Pacific, will reach into your eyes to turn off your holograms and feed you to the moon.