Sarah Nind - Film Scores

Film Scores addresses the chaotic, even illogical, dimensions of today’s visual language, in which images and ideas often collide in the digital-analogue world. Through juxtaposing, layering, manipulation, inclusion, or exclusion, contemporary images can consciously and unconsciously alter content, confuse memory and rewrite history. Film Scores is working with this superimposition of disparate visual languages. Incorporating mixed media, Film Scores superimposes patterns and excerpts from popular culture onto oil-painting and photographic imagery. What appears to be the image on the surface and what lies below this surface often exist in tension and absurd juxtaposition. The seeming abstraction and beauty of these images – whether through painted decorative pattern or colour barcode references from popular films – veil or mask layers below the painted surface, much in the way we ‘gloss over’ or ‘make light’ of issues we might not want to fully acknowledge.

This body of work started with patterns such as dots or stripes, and more recently has incorporated images from popular culture to give structure to and mediate the underlying images. Current work explores popular culture, specifically Disney feature films reduced to colour barcodes, as the filtering device and aesthetic screen which mask what lies below, thus examining how narratives of popular entertainment alter our perception of the world we inhabit.

The idea of the aesthetically or culturally mediated images of Film Scores can be understood as an ongoing dialogue between the private and the public, the traditional and the contemporary, the poetic and the profane.

exhibitionsGalerie Youn