Gosia - Back Into The Ocean

Gosia is a professional sculptor living and working in Toronto. Born in Poland in 1982, she moved to Canada in 1994. Her background in illustration from Sheridan College, and her early career as a painter have led Gosia to her passion for sculpting. Since her full focus shift to this medium in 2013, her sculptural works have been exhibited in galleries across Canada and the U.S. and have been featured by acclaimed arts and culture magazines such as Hi-Fructose, Steadfast Arte and Juxtapoz. “ The shrouded faces, the graceful features and gentle expressions remind me of a quieter place, perhaps a place that doesn’t even exist, where time moves slowly and people are unfailingly tender and kind.”– Lesley Frenz

Gosia is an artist with a lot churning in her soul. Her art is rooted in a need to process the world, society and life’s experiences. Her creative process strives to filter out the dark, the scary and the ugly in search of innocence, beauty and spirituality. The result of which are otherworldly characters poetically personifying her deep inner emotions. At first glance these figures appear still, but their gentle expressions, graceful gestures and haunting gazes reveal a storm of inward contemplation. She uses various visual symbols as metaphors to further reveal their inner turmoil, thoughts or reverie. Their striking and resonating quality lies in capturing moments normally expressed in private, yet she freezes them and allows us take as long and close a look as we want. Inanimate objects become intimate as we see ourselves reflected in them.

Her sculptures are created with a delicate quality reminiscent of Art Nouveau and Neo-Romanticism. She brings her forms to life using various techniques, often involving molding and casting which enables her to create small editions, or by firing clay to create single works.

“I was screaming into the canyon, at the moment of my death. The echo I created outlasted my last breath. My voice it made an avalanche and buried a man I never knew. And when he died his widowed bride met your daddy and they made you. I have only one thing to do and that’s be the wave that I am and then sink back into the ocean...”– Fiona Apple


This collection of works was inspired by the last sentence of the aforementioned quote. I found myself drawn to the idea of an ocean as a metaphor for life and death. I felt a sense of freedom and joy when thinking of myself and my life as a wave, and felt comfort in the idea of sinking into the enveloping depth and stillness of an ocean as the end. While creating these pieces I thought about the choices we make and who we decide to be in this life. The idea of it all being as brief as a wave reassured me about my path and fueled my artistic side.

The gentle gestures, peaceful expressions and the contemplative gazes of my figures reflect these emotions. Utilizing a variety of materials and finishes allowed me to physically bring elements of water and air to life; the translucency of resin and the wetness of fired glaze, juxtaposed with the opaqueness of polymer gypsum and the dry earthiness of fired clay. Cool and warm colours along with shades of white are all reminiscent of ocean waters and waves washing over sandy shores.

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