Damian Siqueiros

Damián Siqueiros

Damián Siqueiros is a Montreal based image maker, a photographer, not the kind that reflects reality, but the kind that imagines one to transform it into something tangible, most often through multidisciplinary work, may this be art direction, stage design, make-up or styling.

Damián Siqueiros

Damián Siqueiros



Damián Siqueiros is a Montreal based image maker, a photographer, not the kind that reflects reality, but the kind that imagines one to transform it into something tangible, most often through multidisciplinary work, may this be art direction, stage design, make-up or styling.

As a commercial photographer he helps clients find their visual voice and express themselves through compelling imagery that makes long lasting impressions. That not only improves their sales, but inspires their public. Such is the case of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Vogue Mexico, Elle Mexico and Porrua bookstore.

As an artist he is an avid defender of gender equality and he works for the acceptance of diversity as key elements to better our world. He does it ever so gently through an aesthetic that draws from the great masters of painting, such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt and JW Waterhouse. With his work he seeks to provoke emotions, change conversations and respectful confrontation. His work has earned him great opportunities of being exhibited in museums and galleries throughout North America and Europe. It has also earned him the opportunity to work with amazing artist who he admires, such as choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Canadian dance icon Margie Gillis.

Damián is a beauty seeker, not the shallow version of it, but the one that often hides from the eyes, the one that embraces and enhances the transformative power of art. He is a seeker of beauty because, as Dostoyevsky said "beauty will save the world" and he plans to do it one image at a time.


The photographs of Damián Siqueiros illustrate his recurring concerns surrounding the construction of identity. Doing so by the represented elements, as well as the technique that he uses. Content and form are woven into a fabric of continuous reflection and open to questioning of our self-representation and the world, of what we consider to be essential and true. Each image constitutes the aestheticized shaping of a struggle that is at the same time intimate and social.

The creation of his images brings him to have a multidisciplinary practice: he becomes a make-up artist, stage designer, director, photographer and digital artist. The fist stage, the pre-production, concentrates on creating the character. The choices made on the styling and the make-up are fundamental. The photo shoots comes right after, either on the studio or on set. The last part of the process is the postproduction, where the image is slightly retouched or constructed according to each project. But most importantly it is a part of the process where the images get a lot of their richness of texture.

In terms of content, the construction of gender identity is a constant in his oeuvre, and this is particularly relevant in his series Life as an Everyday PerformanceSacred performances: a Couple of Rules and The Heroides (The Heroines). Over the last decades the definition of identity in relation to the biological sex and it social representation has become increasingly complex. In great part trough feminists and Queer theories. The artist values keenly the ideas of Judith Butler, in which 'gender' becomes a performance. These notions take form in the preconceived ideas that surround masculinity and virility, and that is set in opposition (or not) to femininity that constitutes "the other". 

His work can be read, then, as an allegory of the performativity of identity. It is an attempt to represent what cannot be seen. It is a colourful way of treating the incongruity of the unitary and unchanging conception of the human being. The 'allegory' seems to be an appropriate term to describe the works of Damián Siqueiros, as it is closely related to classical painting, as the photo-painting style rendering of the images suggests.

The different levels of relation to the real that unite and separate Painting and Photography since its invention become a tool of æstheticization for Siqueiros, but also a way to highlight the surface of the image by means of incorporating textures that echoes the material character of canvas and paper in which the image is printed. This added emphasis to the surface increases even further the demand for awareness of the 'film-like' character of identity, the perception it offers to our own gaze and that of others. 

It is trough the visual poetry of the dialogue between the bodies in the space of the image and the observer, a dialogue that revolves around the understanding of our selves, that the artist ask us to make a revision of our beliefs. The images drive us to question our selves about our identity; how the bodies and the history of their representation define them, how the spaces react to my behaviour and how I, the observer, identify myself with it. 

* From the text 'The Allegory of performativity' by Christelle Proulx.


Curriculum Vitæ


2007-2008 Internship at  l’École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris
2006 Master in Fine Arts, CUM LAUDE, Academia de San Carlos (UNAM)
2002 Bachelor in Fine Arts, CUM LAUDE, Universidad de Monterrey

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Songs of the Inner Chamber, Galerie Youn, Montréal QC
2014 Frida Kahlo and To Russia with Love, Artist's Corner Gallery, Hollywood
2013 Retrospective. Galerie D, Montréal QC
2013 El cuerpo presente, Libre de Derecho Gallery
2012 The Present Body, University of Monterrey / Canadian Consulate of Monterrey
2012 Variations S, Espace Parc Lafontaine, Montréal QC
2011 Festival Latinórdicos, Cinérobothèque de Montréal QC
2011 The Journey of Flowers, Galería Libertad, Querétaro, México
2011 Sacred performances: a couple of rules, CECUT Museum, Tijuana, Mexico
2011 Sacre du genre- Rito de género, Mexican Consulate of Montreal QC
2011 Launch of 2011-2012 Season of the Grands Ballets Canadiens à Montréal, at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art
2011 F14: La vida como un performance, La casa del Mezcal Gallery, Nueva York
2010 F:14, La vie comme une performance, Galerie SAS, Montréal QC
2009 Life as an everyday performance. Center for the Arts of Baja California, Mexico
2005 Map of a memory, Galería Arte Actual Mexicano, Monterrey, Mexico
2013 Love, I Ate, « Fotoseptiembre », Galería Arte Actual Mexicano, Mexico

Group Exhibitions

2014 Photo Independent Contemporary Photography Fair, Hollywood
2014 Round Hole, Square peg, Artist Corner Gallery, Los Angeles
2013 Dance photography exhibition for the rehabilitation of the park E. Gamelin, Montréal QC
2013 Xposé CAPIC, Todmorden Art Gallery, Toronto,
2013 Art Sida, Galerie Dentaire in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal
2013 Dance, dance or we are lost (video). Festival Art Souterrain, Montréal QC
2013 International Masters of Photography, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts
2012 Art takes TIMES SQUARE, NY, NYC
2012 Trans Egeria, Nowhere Gallery, Montréal QC
2012 Baronesque, Montreal Council for the Arts
2012 The Journey of Flowers. Festival Art Souterrain, Montréal QC
2011 Fenêtre sur cour, Galerie SAS, Montréal QC
2011 El autorretrato y los otros yo, Parque Fundidora, Monterrey
2011 Possible Worlds, Gabarron Foundation, N.Y
2011 Possible worlds: Photography and Fiction in Mexican Contemporary Art. Art Museum of the Americas, Washington D.C.
2011 One Night Stand, La petite mort Gallery, Ottawa
2011 Female in a leading role, Art Souterrain, Festival Montréal en Lumière
2010 Small is beautiful, Galerie SAS, Montréal QC
2010 México, paisaje infinito, Centre for the Arts of Nuevo León, Mexico
2010 « Arte los 40 », National Centre for the Arts, Mexico
2010 « Art Souterrain », Montréal QC
2010 IX FEMSA Biennale, Monterrey, Tijuana and Puebla, Mexico
2009 For your eyes-only. Galería Arte Actual Mexicano, Monterrey, Mexico
2007 La magia del Universo, Alfa Planetary, Mexico
2007 « IX Prix Fundación Unicaja », Spain
2006 Las Moradas del Alma, Cultural Centre Parque Fundidora, Mexico
2006 Digital Art Exhibition, Universidad Politécnica de México
2005 Exposition of Academia de San Carlos, Mexico
2002 Biennale de Arte Joven de Monterrey, Mexico

Grants and Prizes

2013 Ford Domination project, Canada
2012 Finalist: Prix Coup de Cœur Art Souterrain, Banque Scotia, Montréal QC
2011 Finalist: Prix Coup de Cœur Art Souterrain, Banque Scotia, Montréal QC
2010 Winner of the contest Xposé, organized by CAPIC, Canada
2010 Winner of the Prix Coup de Cœur Art Souterrain, Banque Scotia, Montréal QC
2010 Honourable mention, « International Photography Awards »
2009 Finalist: IX FEMSA Biennale, Monterrey, Mexico
2010 Selected artist: Art Souterrain, Montréal QC
2007 Finalist, « Raymond Weil Club International Photography Prize »
2007-08 Grant recipient, “Arts Décoratifs” program, partnership between the National Endowment for Art and Culture of Mexico and l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris
2007 Honorable mention, 3e Grand Prix de la Photographie de Paris
2007 Selected: IX Prix Fundación Unicaja, Cadiz- Málaga, Spain
2005 Grant recipient: Youth creation program, Endowment for Art and Culture ofBaja California (FOECA), Mexico
2004-06 Grant recipient: Graduate Studies Program, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
2003 Winner of the contest: “Monterrey en los límites de la noche”. Alliance Française and Cultural Centre of Nuevo León, Mexico
2002 Finalist: « Bienal de Arte Joven Monterrey », Mexico


2017 Nuit Rose a festival of queer art, Akasha Art Projects Gallery
2016 The Arrow. Video-dance (director). SEOUL PRIDE FILM FESTIVAL
2016 TRANSformation (Video-dance). Flash, Images left behind.. Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Goyang Residency, Seoul
2013 Dance, dance or we are lost (video). Festival Art Souterrain, Montreal
2012 The Journey of Flowers (Media installation). Festival Art Souterrain, Montreal
2011 The Journey of Flowers (Media installation- solo exhibition). Galería Libertad, Querétaro, México
2007 Meditation (Video dance)


2007 La Violencia Familiar. Private Collection Til Kleinstück, Germany
2011 Icarus I, Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC
2012 Icarus II, University of Monterrey, Mexico
2013 Siddhartha, Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Arts

Press and Publications

2011/08/15 Incluye Festival Artes Visuales, Reforma, Julieta Riveroll
2010/04/07 Et le gagnant est…, le Devoir, Montreal
2010/04/07 Damian Siqueiros lauréat d’art Souterrain, La Presse, Mathieu Perreault, Montreal
2008/11/04 Captó Damián Siqueiros la ESENCIA de la vida diaria, El Mexicano, Rebeca Esquibel, Mexico
2008/11/03 Comparte Damián Siqueiros su trabajo gráfico digital, El Mexicano, Cristina Lara, Mexico
2007/08/26 La Fotopintura de Damián Siqueiros, Melina Amao, Esquina Tijuana, Mexico
2006/10/22 Enfrenta Arte Actual vacío de la imagen, Lourdes Zambrano, El Norte, Mexico
2005/09/05 Juega con luz, amor y flores, Bertha Wario, El Norte, Mexico
2005/09/01 Llene sus ojos de placer. Da a sus imágenes un carácter teatral, Isabel Franco, El Norte, Mexico