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Maxwell Hyett


Forest of Symbols

Many stories based on the medieval period are intimately related with the forest. Arthurian legend depicts the forest as a place of transition and the unknown where knights willingly go to seek adventure and test their prowess. The road will fork, beasts will attack, and the devil will deceive, but our heroes always find their way. Navigating information culture is much the same as we click on links, wade through comments, and avoid ‘fake-news’.

“Forêts de symboles” is a consideration of the inherent difficulty in communication and the misleading objectivity writing can lend to the word. The medieval manuscripts used in these works were made at a time when subjectivity was in its infancy; today, the notion of objectivity often seems laughable amid a sea of opinions. We, like our knights, wander through a dark forest seeking the light.

OPENING EVENT: Saturday, Nov. 4th, 7 pm - 10 pm
(via Facebook): Exposition du 4 novembre | Galerie Youn

Earlier Event: September 21
Mark Liam Smith
Later Event: November 4
Mark Puchala