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Paul Morstad

Baffin Island Bathing Club


In the hinterland between tangled wilderness and tidy civilization is where I place the semi-fictitious narrative fragments which make up my drawings and paintings. These narratives are chronicles of the liminal and construct a loose scaffolding of a realm that is both aqueous and terrestrial. This world is built on history and geography, zoology and mythology, musicology and astronomy, rumours, lies, hyperbole and folklore.

Sometimes based on legend, or a dream or just a remnant of something overheard, my compositions are maps which chart that threshold when you are just about to fall asleep, when unrecognizable yet familiar voices call out to you and your body feels paralyzed. It is type of purgatory inhabited by wandering nomads, tricky hobos, long-dead composers, defunct societies, distant relatives, extinct animals, forgotten deities, and mythical beasts who all reluctantly coexist somewhere between discord and euphony.

My thematic explorations touch on migration, encroachment, ecological decay, extirpation, and extinction. The media I use range from oil on panel, watercolour, pen and ink, and intaglio printmaking processes. I also make short, animated films with similar themes.


About Paul Morstad

Paul has shown his work in Montreal, Paris, Toronto, Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland, Oregon. His work belongs to private collections around the world. He studied visual art and animation at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

Born and raised in the western provinces of BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan, Paul moved east to Montreal for 10 years to work for the National Film Board of Canada where he directed short, hand drawn, animated films. His longing for the Pacific Rim brought him back west to East Vancouver where he now lives and works.

When not painting and drawing, Paul can be found on his bike looking for birds, or hanging out with his wife and daughter.

VERNISSAGE: Friday, June 8th, 7-9 pm
RSVP (via Facebook): Exposition de Paul Morstad

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Later Event: June 8
Group Exhibition