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Lyuben Petrov

Plays of Nature

Papagena , Oil on canvas, 2018, 130 x 150 cm

Papagena, Oil on canvas, 2018, 130 x 150 cm

Lyube Petrov aims to create an amusing and unexpected visual narrative. He has a fondness for topics that blur the line between reality and illusion, and create an alternative realm where past and future, reality and fantasy become one. This transformation draws upon the artist’s own understanding of the world around him as well as his sense of humour, his attention to the small details in everyday life, and his positive outlook. He seeks to create an alternative reality with undisguised humour, sarcasm and sometimes even elements of the grotesque. In his characteristic realistic style, the artist combines motifs and imagery from contemporary consumer society (specifically from comics and popular films) with mythological narratives and figures. Through these bizarre scenes, Lyube Petrov explores not only the inexhaustibility of the canvas but also the purpose of human existence and the power of human consciousness in the face of an impending apocalypse. These mythical figures are transformed into the superheroes of our collective future.


Lyube Petrov’s approach to painting is characterized by expressive painting representation, clear intensity and energetic paste-like spreads of colour or distinctive plasticity.

His fantastic and grotesque subjects are often tinged with satirical aesthetics and comical hyperboles. The Bulgarian painter often deals with themes surrounding the relationship between people and nature as well as the cycle of life and death, often with apocalyptic undertones.

In his work, he combines symbols and elements from both Eastern and Western cultural traditions of Christian iconography with mythological imagery and abstract concepts inspired by science-fiction. The artist voices his socio-political opinions through the concept of the “Apocalypsarium,” his ironic concept for the state of current international affairs. He sees the apocalypse as “ever-present, constantly moving and always mutating in the process.” His characters’ back-story remains a mystery for spectators, who often appear to be in trance-like state, left alone in the world, sucked in by a natural catastrophe––an apocalypse.


Bulgarian painter Lyube Petrov (born in 1984) majored in mural painting at the art academy in Sofia. Throughout his studies, he concentrated on mastering the technique and craft of realistic painting. Today, Petrov still employs the formalist strategies of this traditional approach in his work. He is primarily inspired and influenced by the works of artists Boyan Dobrev, Andrei Daniel, and Ivo Bistrichki from his native Bulgaria. After moving to the Czech Republic, he studied Fine Arts in Martin Maier’s studio until 2011.

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, January 26th, 2019 from 5 pm
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Jeux de la nature / Plays of Nature

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