Last chances and new exhibitions at Galerie Youn

There’s one week left to see Monuments d’abandon and Black on Black #2 Mathieu Gagnon’s Monuments d’abandon explores a fantasy museum in ruins. In outdated spaces where everything seems dormant remains a few monuments and works erected to science in an indistinct era. Behind Gagnon’s images is a game aimed at enchanting these imagined locales through his fascination for light, a sense of wonder for science and its cults coupled with a mise-en-abyme of time, the world and its representations.

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The faces of Doug Brown’s Black on Black #2 represent his introspective view of himself, who he is and what he feels in response to everything from the gentrification of his Toronto neighbourhood to political and social upheavals around the world. Using only black, Brown creates a controlled calm so that the complexity of mathematical symmetry juxtaposed with delicate intricacy can be easily scene in his faces and bring the same calm to the viewer.

Closes Saturday October 5, 6 pm. Galerie Youn is open Wednesday - Saturday 12 – 6 pm and Sundays 1pm - 5pm.

NEXT WEEK! Jay Dart  & Romas Astraskaus at Galerie Youn

The gallery is pleased to announce our first solo exhibitions of works by Jay Dart and Romas Astraskaus.

JAY DART Further over Yawnder

Romas Astrauskas Mirror to Wind and Moon

Exhibition Dates: October 10 – November 9 14, 2013 Reception for the Artists: Thursday, October 10th, 7-10 pm.

 Join us for yummy Korean hors d’oeuvres by Chingu Restaurant and Lounge and a performance at 8:30pm by Montreal’s Ily Morgane at Galerie Youn Thursday, October 10th, 7-10 pm.

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JAY DART Further over Yawnder

Jay Dart takes us Further over Yawnder into the fictional lands of Yawnder and Elsewheres in his second series of antique portraits of fishers, hunters, loggers and those making their way on the frontiers of the horizonless expanse of the blank page.

Through an alter ego he has drawn into his picture narrative, Dart finds inspiration in the Geists of Elsewhere Lights (the spirits of an individual’s ideas) and his drawings explore the process of innovative creation in the real world of cloud computing, social networking and the global community of the internet.

Dreamy and childlike, Dart’s pastel toned, graphite and watercolour drawings of bearded men wandering a mythical land of Geist Trees and Foredad clouds seeking the next great idea ring of the innocence of a Chagall painting.

Romas Astrauskas Mirror to Wind and Moon

Romas Astrauskas coaxes compositions through the arrangement or rearrangements of the fragments of tangible objects that despite being severed from their original form still resonate with meaning.

His pale, ice-toned assemblages appear as simple architectural forms exploring light, shadow and volume, but the assembly of the fragments compels a work of art to take form from what appears to be nothing. It is in the silence of his pieces that you can’t help but wonder about the value of ephemeral around us and he challenges the viewer to consider if a fragment can "develop its own purpose after it has been separated from the whole?"