Wanderer of Yawnder available at Galerie Youn

jay-dart-bookJay Dart window display at Galerie Youn, jay Dart's exhibition Further over Yawnder continues until November 17 14.

Galerie Youn is pleased to announce that we have autographed copies of Jay Dart and his alter ego Jigg's book, Wanderer of Yawnder available for sale.

Wanderer of Yawnder follows Jiggs on his adventures into the fictional lands of Yawnder and Elsewheres discovering the origin of inspirations (geists) in the the yawns of the Foredad clouds. Jiggs building himself a very tall ladder, procures a geist and proclaims his first invention: the Magical Mystery Beard. Soon enough, others happen and he realizes his invention wasn't so inventive after all.

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Wanderer of Yawnder story by Jiggs | drawings by Jay Dart Autographed by the artist 8.5" x 8.5" hardcover, full-colour 48 pages featuring 21 new drawings First limited artist edition 2013, only 250 copies in the edition. $35 plus tax