Juno Youn: The “Art Entrepreneur” who Left Toronto for Montreal

Sunday, January 5, 2014     Médiamosaïque Press Agency mediamosaiqueMONTRÉAL (MÉDIAMOSAÏQUE) – This young Torontonian, born in Seoul, already has an impressive track record.  Arriving in Montreal only two years ago, Juno Youn almost immediately opened an art gallery that sets itself apart. Other galleries shun Saint-Laurent Boulevard, but Juno Youn opened his at 5226 Saint-Laurent, seeing an excellent opportunity there. His entrepreneurial momentum and his unbounded optimism even when surrounded by apparent gloom make him a model—hence his nomination as a Personality of the Year 2013 as part of the Diversity TOP 20.|

After making ties with artists in his native Korea, in Canada (most particularly in Toronto), in the United States, in Europe, and China—where he found up-and-coming artists and galleries—the adventurer, conqueror or, as he describes himself, “art entrepreneur”, is spreading his wings in Montreal, a city he calls “sophisticated, artistic, European, and more in tune with [his] personality.”

New environment, new concept, new business model! If Juno loves Montreal for the quality of its exhibits and festivals, he had no intention to reproduce here what he had done in Toronto. For Montreal, where he believes artistic tradition is deep-rooted, the young entrepreneur offers an exhibit each month, with a particular theme. And much more! The gallery bearing Juno Youn’s name also includes a workshop and sells industrial antiques, on top of offering occasional events in an eclectic, networking spirit.

Having obtained his honours degree (drawing and painting) at OCAD University in 1999, Juno Youn has been showing his paintings for the past 18 years as part of numerous exhibits in Canada and abroad. His works have been purchased by several museums and galleries, including the Mizuma Art Gallery (Tokyo, Japan), the Cambridge Galleries (Cambridge, Ontario), the Longyear Museum of Colgate University (Hamilton, New York), and the Westfield State University Foundation (Westfield, Massachusetts), by institutional collectors including Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt (Toronto), and by many private collectors.

SPIN Gallery, which he founded and opted to close in Toronto to focus on his Montreal adventure, had been named “Toronto’s best commercial gallery” by several media, notably EYE Magazine, NOW Magazine and Xtra.

Congratulations, Juno! Keep on impressing us!

Diversity TOP 20: A Most Impressive List for 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013     Médiamosaïque Press Agency

MONTRÉAL (MÉDIAMOSAÏQUE) – The new edition of the prestigious “Diversity Personalities of the Year” was officially unveiled on December 31st. The second edition of this fascinating exercise is the result of a broad inquiry during which Médiamosaïque’s editors and editorial staff scrupulously and meticulously examined the accomplishments of over a hundred leaders. | Faithful to its tradition as a media dedicated to the promotion of pluralism and of the development of harmonious intercultural relations through information, culture and communication, Médiamosaïque successfully launched this barometer in 2012. Its goal is to showcase and reward Quebeckers of great stature whose inspiring journeys cast a shine on diversity.

Who are the 20 winners for whom Médiamosaïque will shortly publish a personal portrait? A first category needs no introductions: from Dany Laferrière who was named at the Académie française, a first in the Francophone world, to Colette Roy Larouche, who has become a hero following the terrible tragedy at Lac Mégantic.

If the winners in the second category aren’t as legendary, they nevertheless include leaders beloved for having broken through the glass ceiling—each in their own field. A third category recognized in this great annual list of diversity talents focuses on a spectacularly ambitious next generation.

Given the breadth and scope of candidatures, the jury’s deliberations were complex, and heartrending choices had to be made. Several dozen candidates unfortunately didn’t make the cut—yet their profiles garnered the jury’s high esteem. Indeed three validation sessions were needed to settle the final list of 20 personalities of the year.

Like last year, the TOP 20 finalists will be honoured and showcased during the Gala des Lys de la Diversité du Québec. The next edition of this flagship event—the only event celebrating diversity in Quebec’s media space—will be held next May 28 at Théâtre Outremont, in collaboration with ICI Radio-Canada.