Window display during August at Galerie Youn.

Window display during the month of August and other gallery news.

During the month of August Montreal-based artist Kikooshi will be displaying his Kisushi marine characters in the windows of the gallery.
Marc "Kikooshi" Saffioti has been creating since he discovered comic books as a child, he's been a manga artist for Japanese publisher Kodansha in Tokyo, a CD-ROM/graphics designer for French corporations, co-founded an advertising agency and since 2010 has been focused on sculpture creating his Kisushi collection of fish and other marine life.

Kikooshi’s marine characters come straight from his imagination, without filter or analysis, in utmost raw spontaneity. Kikooshi draws a multitude of fishes while thinking of nothing, listening to music or even watching television. The creatures that he chooses to give life to are those which, on paper, manage to put him in the best mood! The approach is simple but oh so delightful! Kikooshi invites us all to smile and have fun.

Galerie Youn will be closed for summer holidays from August 1 until September 6.

We will reopen with the artists reception for 2 exhibitions: Mathieu's Gagnon's photorealistic drawings of imaginary abandoned buildings Monuments d'abandon and in the rear gallery Doug Brown's introspective black on black painted portraits Black on Black #2 on September 6, 6-10pm.

Please RSVP to attend by email or through Facebook.

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