Jamie Bradbury - Between Camps

Jamie Bradbury, Between Camps


Until May 11, Galerie Youn presents the solo exhibit Between Camps by Montrealer Jamie BradburyBetween Camps Jamie Bradbury’s questions about identity take root in his family history. Although his appearance is typically Caucasian, Jamie was born to a Jamaican mother and he identifies with this culture. And yet something resists and constantly reminds him of his difference... In a very personal way, Jamie Bradbury explores the themes of globalization and multiculturalism while re-examining our prejudice. The cultural diversification of cities such as London, New York and Toronto creates new and interesting relationships between seemingly antagonistic cultures. The artist renegotiates and questions the boundaries between the psychological and physical spaces that enable the formation of the self and other. He focuses on the constant push/pull relationship between these two “inhabited spaces.” Potential entitlements, privilege, denial, and hypocrisy are thus revealed and trigger a reassessment.

Jamie Bradbury, based in London (U.K.) since 2009, is a Canadian-born artist whose work primarily explores race, globalisation and multiculturalism through the use of drawing, painting, sculptural installations, and writing. He often employs his Jamaican/Irish ancestry to investigate and highlight where these subjects intersect or overlap, while also citing W.E.B. Du Bois’ theory of double consciousness as a major contributor to the evolution of his work. He graduated from Central Saint Martin’s MFA program in London (U.K.) in 2010 whilst being exhibited in Canada and throughout Europe in exhibitions and fairs such as the Arte Fiera (Italy), Santorini Biennale (Greece), AACDD Festival (London), and Art Toronto. Jamie’s work has appeared in publications and media such as Canadian Art, Garageland (U.K.), Bravo TV, CBC News, and Sky1’s Pineapple Dance Studios (U.K.). His works are held in private and public collections such as the National Portrait Gallery of Canada. He was recently shortlisted for the Jerwood Prize curated by Photoworks and later this year he will be participating in a conference entitled “Images of Whiteness” at Oxford University (U.K.) and a residency in Atina, Italy.

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