Jay Dart - Further over Yawnder

Jay Dart, Further over Yawnder



Jay Dart takes us Further over Yawnder into the fictional lands of Yawnder and Elsewheres in his second series of antique portraits of fishers, hunters, loggers and those making their way on the frontiers of the horizonless expanse of the blank page.

Through an alter ego he has drawn into his picture narrative, Dart finds inspiration in the Geists of Elsewhere Lights (the spirits of an individual’s ideas) and his drawings explore the process of innovative creation in the real world of cloud computing, social networking and the global community of the internet.

Dreamy and childlike, Dart’s pastel toned, graphite and watercolour drawings of bearded men wandering a mythical land of Geist Trees and Foredad clouds seeking the next great idea ring of the innocence of a Chagall painting.

Born in Toronto, Jay Dart graduated from the Fine Art programme at the University of Guelph. His whimsical graphite and watercolour drawings have been exhibited within Canada in Toronto, Montreal, Whitby and Canmore, and internationally in Amsterdam and Portland, Oregon.

In 2013, Jay released his first picture book, Wanderer of Yawnder. He has released two series of prints from his graphite drawings; the Yesteryears album and The 12 Days of Climate Change Xmas.

He currently works in Toronto as a graphic designer while living and drawing in the sticks.

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