composition poétique quotidienne

This spring, Galerie Youn celebrates the start of its 4th year. We are proud to announce that our exhibition celebrating the 4th year of our success features some of the new talents we discovered as well as selected artists from past exhibitions. Our plan to expand to a new space has run into significant delays. The building has to be repaired from the fire it had experienced. Renovations to bring the building up to fire code safety standards will take much more time than we had expected. For now, we will be staying in our current space at 5226 Saint-Laurent.

We are inspired by our daily life, by anything and everything, whether concepts, processes, or even ambience. I have selected a number of artists’ works that I love for many shades of ideas and process. Creating composition in life is essential. Creating a group exhibition is not an easy process, so I started looking at my daily life as an influence when curating this exhibition. Also, my own direction for the gallery has so far been to use mostly narrative works, yet I am interested in other aspects of art, like performances, video art, and conceptual art. I like the idea of contrasts between more conceptual or minimal works and highly intuitive and narrative works influenced by fiction or history. I like layers of different perspectives.

This group exhibition features minimalist and conceptual works from Sean Stewart, Maxwell Hyett, Ron Loranger, Yang Cao, Sébastien Gaudette, Romas Astraukas, Carlos Rodríguez Casado and Michael Toke. They work in various mediums from string and charcoal painting to spray acrylic on canvas. Their pieces blend together in a simple multidisciplinary, deconstructed manner.

The group exhibition also includes works which are based on either fiction or narrative storytelling, from Scarlett Rouge, Nicholas Di Genova, George Whiteside, Paul Morstad, Jay Dart, Nicholas Pye, Hugo Alonso, Casey McGlynn, Vincent London, and Osheen Harruthoonyan.

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