Anne Buckwalter - Faintly The Future

Anne Buckwalter is an American artist based in Portland, Maine. She grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania (b. 1987) and attended Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, where she received a BFA in Painting and Drawing in 2010. She then moved to Maine for graduate school at Maine College of Art, completing the masters program in 2012. Her work has been exhibited and collected in the United States, Canada, and Italy, and she has participated in residency programs in the US and Canada. She is a member of Pickwick Independent Press. In addition to her work as a painter and printmaker, she co-hosts a weekly analog radio program called NPILAR with her collaborator, Pilar Nadal.

"My work is about how to reconcile inevitable uncertainty. I make images that are intended to be both quiet and disquieting, as a way of exploring how to come to terms with unfathomable possibilities, unexplainable situations, and incalculable outcomes. Through making paintings and patterns characterized by obscurity and sparseness, I try to locate the point where panic and pleasure meet each other. This is an ongoing experiment in befriending and besieging fear."

Futuro Forzuto series: Translated from the Italian “Forced Future,” the paintings in the Futuro Forzuto series are based on an outdoor field game I invented that is played between three teams: the Invasori (Invaders), Catturati (Captors), and Protettori (Protectors). Each team has a unique objective to be met in order to defeat the other players and emerge victorious. This series of paintings involves corresponding props and costumes, which are necessary to play the game. Combining painting and performance, Futuro Forzuto is a playful attempt to create a dialogue about territorialism, invasion, and the possibility of extra-terrestrial encounters.