Gallery Artists Exhibition

Galerie Youn will begin 2016 by proudly exhibiting our vast array of represented artists in a group show. From Yuriko’s Kubato’s double-layer On Earth-NYC, where movement and stillness play off each other blurring the lines between two and three-dimensional space to Paul Morstad's work "Baby Grand Bagatelle", as he maps a nostalgic, quietly humorous world populated by extinct or endangered flora and fauna, hobos and other eccentric characters, you can get a sense of the artistic talent, which has established Galerie Youn within the diverse milieu of galleries and art centres in Montreal.

Our artists include:

Alzbetta Jaresova, Annyen Lam, Christine Kim, Jay Dart, Paul Morstad

John Chervinsky, Joshua van Dyke, Katherine Melancon, Sebastien Gaudette

Maxwell Hyett, Michael Caines, Phil Taylor, Romas Astrauskas, Ron Loranger, Sean Stewart

Sarah Nind, Yuriko Kubota, Jeffrey Wang and Michael Toke

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