Christine Kim- Shadows Dreams and Forms

Paper constitutes the form and material of experimentation in the mixed-media collages of Toronto-based artist Christine Kim. Paper is not only a surface for graphite, ink and watercolours, as Kim explores the act of drawing by interrogating its materiality through drawing, painting, cutting, and folding. In this new body of work, Kim examines the parallels between fashion, architecture and the human body. Fashion and architecture both employ surface, shape and volume to envelope the body. However, structures, fabrics and flesh fall into ruin, into the dark recesses of an elusive memory, into an unknown narrative. Kim presents the haunting beauty of natural decay, brokenness and fragmentation of all sites of ruin and loss. Crumbling boundaries unravel and give way to weeds and overgrowth, rust and moss. We are no longer marvelling at architectural wonders, but observe a rush of nature that swallows up the intimacy of a room that once was and now is not.


exhibitionsGalerie Youn