Doug Brown - Black on Black #2

Doug Brown is a multi-­disciplinary Toronto-­based artist. Brown  is  known  for  his  bold and  often  oversized  stencils,  paintings,  sculptures  and  mixed  media  pieces. He has exhibited in Montreal,  Toronto and Vancouver. The  original  inspiration  for  the  faces of Black On Black #2  evolved  from  Brown's debut series  BLACK  ON  BLACK  in  2008 - a bleak and ominous response to the then global financial crisis. Although the inner-climate of  his  immediate situation  in  art  and  life  has  changed since  then  Brown is still influenced by current events and thus his work is a creative process of seeking calm. The  faces of Black on Black #2  represent  an  introspective  view  of  himself, they reflect who Brown is and what he feels through the  face expressions, the audience can see themselves in them and are therefore are drawn to them on a spiritual and personal level. Using black on black allows Brown to control the level of calm in the viewer’s mind allowing the complexity of the faces intricacy juxtaposed with mathematical symmetry to be easily scene. The  subtle  variations  in  the  expressions  of  the  faces  represent  different  thoughts  and  concerns  running  through  artist's  mind a combination of calm but complex.


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