Mark Liam Smith

My work of environmentally-focused art, titled One Giant Leap, features a race of giants who personify elements, physical forces, and ecosystems in nature (such as fire, frost, jungle, smoke, desert, water, and air) and who interact with humans and human civilization. The elemental giants serve as metaphors for the natural world. I have anthropomorphized these elements, physical forces, and ecosystems and made them emotive in posture so that they are more relatable conceptually than inanimate notions about climate. Each painting displays a narrative not unlike a parable; they are meant to provoke thought about how humanity deals with the impending implications of a threatened environmental equilibrium.

The work provokes contemplation and discussion regarding environmental concerns in the broader cultural context of our everyday lives. There can be no greater cultural concern than the persistent degradation of the environment and its subsequent inevitable and emergent adverse effects on the quality of human life. Bringing these concerns to the fore epitomizes the crux of art, nature, and politics.