Bernice Lum

Bernice Lum

Revealing a little bit of her own story, Bernice has been telling stories through her work with a sense of humour, play and wit.

Born and raised in Toronto, Bernice Lum has about 50 books published, while continuing her commercial work with clients in the UK, North America, Korea and Japan. Her first two books, ’12 steps to heaven’ and ‘more steps to heaven’ sold over 150,000 copies worldwide combined. 

Her series "Not for Bowling Pins", containing stories within every pin, is both a diary and an homage to her brother and her father.


Bernice Lum



Born and raised in Toronto, Bernice Lum spread her wings ever so slightly and moved to Oakville to study graphic design at Sheridan College. After graduating in 1984, she freelanced for several companies including Citytv/Muchmusic's design department.

In 1988 she decided to spread her wings further and fly to London, England. While there, she freelanced for numerous design consultants including Addison Worldwide, Michael Peters, Wolff Olins, Newell and Sorrell and it is also there that she gave up her design career and began her illustration career.

So far, Bernice has published approximately 50 books and continues her commercial and personal works with clients in the UK, North America, Korea, and Japan. Her first two books, '12 Steps to Heaven' and 'More Steps to Heaven' sold over 150,000 thousand copies worldwide.

After a nine year stay in the UK, Bernice now resides in Toronto.


Bernice Lum has been telling stories through her work by revealing a little bit of her story through a sense of humour, play and wit.  

Born in 1963, bowling and Wednesday evening drives to Dairy Queen were a weekly event for the family. Even her older brother was born while her father was playing in the finals of a bowling tournament which became the inspiration to her new series.

"Not for Bowling Pins" is a diary of stories within every pin, and a body of work that pays homage to her late brother and father. 


Curriculum Vitæ


1984 Graphic Design - Animation, Arts & Design, Sheridan College

Solo Exhibitions

2007 Lick Cucina, Canada
2006 Lick Czehoski, Canada
2006 Open Minimarket, Canada
2006 Launch Of The Lumbuds Omy Gallery, Canada
2004 Girl Drawings Drake Hotel, Canada

Group Exhibitions

2013 Galerie Youn - Opening Exhibition Group Show, Canada
2011 Julyna Group Exhibition - Awol Gallery, Canada
2009 Square Foot Show - Awol Gallery, Canada
2008 Square Foot Show - Awol Gallery, Canada
2007 Mini Cooper Launch - The Distillery, Canada
2006 Yearbook - Spin Gallery, Canada
2006 M Is For Mischief -  Supermarket, Canada
2006 Hello Dolly -  Spin Gallery, Canada
2005 Pickupsbreakupsfuckups - Supermarket, Canada
2005 Girls Club -  X-Space Gallery, Canada
2002 Illustration Series - Ogilvy And Mathers Gallery, Canada 

Awards & Distinctions

2003 Best Children’s Book Of The Year: “My Pet Hamster” (Harpercollins Children's Books, USA) by Bank Street College
1999 Early Childhood Literary Award: Pippin Takes A Bath (Kidscan Press Canada) by Lieutenant Governor, New Brunswick, Canada
1997 Shorlisted: “If I Had A Dog” Series - Childrens Book Of The Year, UK
1997 Honourable Mention: "If I Had A Dog" Series Covers (Bloomsbury Children’s Books, UK) by The Association Of Illustrators, UK 

Clients & Collectors

Washington National Children’s Museum, USA
Nottingham Building Society, UK
Sanihands, USA
Post Office, UK
Nelson Education, Canada
Boston Mills Press, Canada
Harpercollins, USA
Scholastics, USA & Canada
Macmillan Publishers, UK
Hodder Children’s Books, UK
Capstone Publishers, UK
Kidscan Press, Canada
Owl/Chickadee/Chirp Magazines, Canada
Canadian Living Magazine
Todays Parent Magazine, Canada
Ca Magazine, Canada
Canadian Gardening
Globe & Mail, Canada
Pearson Education/Rigby Rockets, UK
Pentacor, UK
Oxford University Press, UK
Bloomsbury Children’s Books, UK
Lion Publishing, UK
Blooberry Design, UK
Timmie Doggie Outfitters, Canada
Which Magazine, UK
Boots, UK
Natwest Bank, UK
Girl Guides Of Canada
Chunjae Education Inc., Korea
Dorling Kindersley, UK